GWC 2019

The 10th Global WordNet Conference

23 – 27 July, 2019

Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, Poland

Welcome to the 10th Global WordNet Conference – GWC 2019!

Registration is open!

This is an opportunity for researchers and developers to present and discuss their latest results on the development, enrichment and exploitation of wordnets for various languages around the world. This conference is hosted by the Language Technology Research Group G4.19 at Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, Poland and the Global WordNet Association.


  • Registration form
  • May 14th 2019 – Registration open
  • Online registration will be open until July 15th 2019.
  • We will also accept on site registration (cash: 250 USD).
  • Registration includes membership in the Global WordNet Association.


  • 200USD for regular participants – early bird registration (till June, 14th)
  • 220USD for regular participants – late registration (from June 15th till July 15th)
  • 160USD for students and participants from countries with little funding
  • 260 USD for non-profit institutional
  • 360 USD for profit corporate

Details for bank transfer:

Politechnika Wroclawska
Bank: Santander Bank Polska S.A.
Account number: PL77 1090 2402 0000 0001 4198 2280

Call for Papers

We invite submissions with original contributions addressing, but not limited to, the topics listed below. Proposals for tutorials are welcome as well.

Conference Topics

1. Lexical semantics and meaning representation
* Critical analysis and applications of lexical and semantic relations
* Proposed new relations
* Definitions, semantic components, co-occurrence and frequency statistics
* Word and Sense Embeddings
* Necessity and completeness issues
* Ontology and wordnet
* Other lexicographical and lexicological questions pertaining to wordnet-style meaning representation
* Wordnets and Linked Open Data (LOD)

2. Architecture of lexical databases
* Language independent and language dependent components
* Integration of multi-wordnets in research infrastructures (like CLARIN) and LT networks (like META-NET)

3. Tools and Methods for wordnet development
* User and Data entry interfaces
* Methods for constructing, extending and enriching wordnets

4. Applications of wordnet
* Word sense disambiguation
* Machine translation
* Information extraction and retrieval
* Document structuring and categorisation
* Automatic hyperlinking
* Language pedagogy
* Psycholinguistic applications

5. Standardization, distribution and availability of wordnets and wordnet tools

Submissions will fall into one of the following categories (page limits exclude references):
* long papers: 8 pages max, 30 minutes presentation
* short papers: 5 pages max; 15 minutes presentation
* project reports: 5 pages max., 10 minutes presentation
* demonstrations : 5 pages max, with an additional 3 pages screen dumps or images; 20 minutes presentation

Submissions should be anonymous and any identifying information must be removed. Authors must state the preferred category, though acceptance may be subject to change in the category of the presentation, e.g. a long paper submission may be accepted as a short paper.

Final papers should be submitted in electronic form (PDF only).

Papers must be submitted to the EasyChair website:
GWA 2019 Easy Chair site:

The format of the paper is in ACL format (PDF):
ACL 2010 paper formats:


Proceedings will get an ISBN and will be freely downloadable from the GWC website. We intend to produce purely electronic proceedings, which our library will archive. We will make available a preliminary version of the proceedings at the conference, and authors will have a chance to make revisions for 8 weeks after the conference before the proceedings are finalized. Only papers actually presented at the conference will go into the final proceedings.


Practical Information

Conference Information


23 – 27 July, 2019


Faculty of Informatics and Management at the Wroclaw University of Science and Technology


Local Information

About Wrocław


Wrocław has an international airport, with good connections all over the world: Paris, Zurich, Munich, Brussel, Copenhagen, Tel Aviv, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Warsaw, Lisbon, Madrid, London, Rome, Kyiv, Oslo, Stockholm, Dublin, Edinburgh.

Thanks to comfort road and rail infrastructure, Wroclaw is easily accessible from European metropolises: Berlin (295 km), Dresden (231 km), Prague (217 km), Vienna (326 km), Bratislava (330 km) ), Kraków (236 km) and Warsaw (301 km).

Public transport in Wrocław supports connections between the railway station and the airport and The Wroclaw University of Science and Technology (the airport-WUST: 50 minutes, the railway station – WUST: 20 minutes).

Important Dates

  • November 30 – 1st Call for Papers
  • December 21 – 2nd Call for Papers
  • February 22 – Final Call for Papers
  • April 8* – Deadline paper submission
  • May 8* – Notification of paper acceptance
  • May 14 – Registration opens
  • June 28 – Deadline author registration, final version paper
  • July 23 – 27 – Conference

*new dates

Conference Chairs

  • Piek Vossen
  • Christiane Fellbaum

Organizing Committee

  • Maciej Piasecki
  • Ewa Rudnicka
  • Jan Wieczorek